Full-Time Positions

Join The Raging Waves Family!

Leadership Positions

Raging Waves strives to be a fast-paced, hard-working, fun-loving environment. Full-time employees become “family” as we work side-by-side to create a safe, entertaining family experience at the water park. We love what we do and love the people we work with. We invite you to be a part of this amazing community. Check out the open full-time positions below!

The Raging Waves Culture

Something that is really special about Raging Waves is that we are family owned and operated. Our owners get to know each of our employees on a personal level and they become family. The culture here is strong, energetic, and we truly care for each other.  Our Raging Waves family is looking for those who want to join a fun, caring, and compassionate team.

Raging Waves fosters a friendly, compassionate, and welcoming work environment. We are looking for team members who want to join our close-knit family. Raging Waves is a family-owned and operated business hiring those who want to learn job skills and work with an amazing team. Interested in a full-time position? Check out our openings below.

Full-Time Employment FAQ

What’s It Like?

Raging Waves strives to be the best place to work at. There are limited positions, like this one, that is year-round, full-time. Most people think we only work summers, work on our tans, eat a few funnel cakes, and the water park takes care of itself the rest of the year. (only kind of kidding)

Yes, We Are Family Owned

We are a family-owned business, have been in business for 16 years, and are on very solid footing. Being family owned we like to treat our team members as extended family. We have fun – we sometimes bicker (not much), ☺ but we all have the same goal in mind – provide safe, clean, family fun! We live in a society that tends to pull the family apart at every turn – we are here to be a place where everyone can feel safe and have great family fun all together!

When The Fun Stops We Talk And Rediscover

We value laughter and fun – when we stop having fun we will stop and ask “Why?” and rediscover the joy in our work. Communication is critical as we are a tight team. Crucial conversations and consistent feedback are how we show up for one another. We are more than colleagues, we are family.

I Have To Work With Hundreds of Teens?

Our summer team is amazing – mostly made up of teens. They challenge us, they look up to us, and they give us a great opportunity to build into their lives! We embrace that and work together to make them the best people they can be. It is a first job for many of them and we want them to look back in years to come and remember us to be the place where they learned a great work ethic, learned to work with others, and learned to be honest and integrity filled.

Quality Is Never An Accident

Perfection isn’t the goal. Preparation is. We will sweat the small stuff, go the extra mile, and always deliver the highest quality for our guests. We help each other out – always – you will never hear “that’s not my job” within our family!

Our Why

Safety, Friendliness, and Cleanliness are our top priorities. We want guests to leave our park with great memories and a renewed belief in people and family. Who doesn’t need a daily reminder of that? This is way more than a job for us – we care! For each other, for our guests, and for our summer staff. Waterparks are a fun business – sometimes they are fun and sometimes they are a business. We always strive – together – to be a fun business for us all!